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     Hello all, this is Kimberly K. Wilson

Soon to be 23 years ago we filmed Maggie and Annie in Los Angeles, Ca.  How time flies.  I produced, wrote and directed it along with many other things.  It is a low budget movie that I paid for out of my own pocket.  To this day I have never recieved a penny from it although I paid $40,000 or more  and that is not counting my time.  Only one distributor wanted it and me knowing nothing about that part of the business i signed it over for a few years.  They farmed it out to another distributor.  They got it into blockbuster back in the day.  It was the best gay film of that year.  Both distributors made a few bucks off me while i was left high and dry.  Its called the entertainment business.       Over the years I have received wonderful emails from all over the world.  Also some bad ones. (people not happy with the ending)  As the writer and director I did not like the ending but when you are a nobody and have no clout in the biz you have to go for shock value more than the ride off into the sunset same old ending.  Thanks to the great acting by Joy Yandell and Amy Thiel, Maggie and Annie has lived on for 20 years.  Below you are able to watch the movie for FREE.  We also now have it subtitled in Spanish.  Two Parts below.   All on youtube.  Thank you all for your support for Maggie and Annie over the years. 

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