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Amy Thiel (Annie)


Amy Thiel (Annie) made it through the public school system without a drug habit, a felony, or a bullet wound. Instead she succumbed to the theater. She learned stage politics early on, being turned down for the role of Anne in The Diary of Anne Frank (but wait, the director's daughter is playing Anne…. why is that???). Nonetheless, by the time she hit age fifteen she was cast in a leading role in high school, where she went on to play four other leading roles before she graduated.

She moved on in her studies and graduated with a B.A. in Fine and Performing Arts from Western Washington University. In Seattle and now in Los Angeles, she performs on stage, on camera, and for voice overs. Rooted in classical training, her stage appearances included the title role in Antigone, Deborah in Pinter's A Kind of Alaska, and Amanda in Havel's The Garden Party. She participated in several original works; she sang, danced and acted in various musical productions including Derek Horton's Cat-Like Tread. Amy also worked as a voice artist for a radio drama program on KUGS in Washington. She has appeared in short films, including the lead in Dread, Things Fall Apart, and Squeezophrenia; animated films including a number of voices in The Party, and voice over work for the Japanese American Museum. She is also a company member of circle x theater, and continues to study acting with her coach, Paul E. Richards.

Once invited, Amy happily accepted the part of Annie in Maggie and Annie. She believes the story to be a simple and touching experience of love. It does what she hopes for in film: it raises questions and triggers thought. Moreover, it has provided the profound opportunity to get a really short hair cut. A haircut which raises questions and triggers thought.