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Maggie and Annie Cast

Amy Thiel -- Annie

Joy Yandell - Maggie

Adam Knox -- Bill

Jennifer Steele -- Jenny

Lizzy Peet -- Barb

Shannon Rossiter -- Linda

Andrew Hamlin -- Roy

Paul Vito Abato -- Lenny
Ali Weiss -- Punk Rocker
Shari Kimberlin -- Norma
Jillian Clare -- Debbie
Jake L. Johnson -- Jackson
Ben Bar -- Dr. Portinski
Johnny Rey Reyes -- Dr. Gomez
Barbara Benner -- Sandy
Kenna Beaureguard -- Little Maggie
Mati Ron -- June
Lora Sarkis -- Marge
Dave Bryan -- Toby
Danna Scruggs -- Portinski's Secretary
Trinity Scruggs -- Gomez's Secretary
Michelle Scruggs -- Jackson's Secretary
Kornelius Booker III -- Surgeon
Geoff Pearlman -- Umpire
Tracy Fergerson -- Picking up Annie at Bar
Alison Mezy -- Dances with Maggie
Brian Davidson Jr. -- Birthday Party Child
Julie Keegan -- Bartender
Chris Dalton -- DJ
Pablo Ceballas -- Waiter
David Rosenhaus -- Drunk
Michelle Wolkoys -- Blonde Shortstop
Lena Walker -- Catcher
Loni Martinez -- Outfielder
Debra Beaureguard -- Outfielder
Carolyn Fisher -- 2nd Base
Janet Braley -- 1st Base